The Steps Brays Roofing Takes to Fix Your Leaking Roof

Roof tile repairs in Maitland

In this article, we delve into the meticulous steps undertaken by Bray’s Roofing to address the common issue of the steps it takes to fix your leaking roof. Discover the expert strategies and thorough processes employed by our skilled team to ensure efficient and lasting repairs, providing you with reliable solutions for safeguarding your home. […]

How Roof Leaks Hide Themselves

You could have a leaking roof and not even realise it Most roofs will have insulation under the tiles known by Roof Tilers as sarking. This is to help with heating and cooling of the roof but it can also hide the effect of a leaking roof. Water will leak onto the sarking and flow […]

Possible Cause of a Leaking Roof

Ridge capping cracked and broken This is the main cause of a leaking roof. A roof will always move gradually over time and due to this the cement that holds the ridge caps to the tiles cracks and gives way, leaving holes for water to seep through. Broken Tiles This is another very common cause […]

Signs that you have a Leaking Roof

Discolouration on the ceiling Generally this shows up as round patch on your ceiling, due to water dripping onto the ceiling and soaking through, making a water stain. Light shades and light bulbs fill with water when it rains More common than realised, when water leaks into the ceiling it will often run down electrical […]