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The Steps Brays Roofing Takes to Fix Your Leaking Roof

In this article, we delve into the meticulous steps undertaken by Bray’s Roofing to address the common issue of the steps it takes to fix your leaking roof. Discover the expert strategies and thorough processes employed by our skilled team to ensure efficient and lasting repairs, providing you with reliable solutions for safeguarding your home. At Bray’s Roofing in Maitland, we take pride in our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction throughout every stage of fixing your leaking roof.


If the cement of the ridge capping is not too damaged then ‘FlexiPoint’ or ‘Selleys Point Works’ is used in repointing the ridge caps. This product is applied on the old cement and bonds to it. It dries extremely hard, cementing the ridge caps to the tiles but unlike cement, it maintains flex so as not to crack with the gradual movement of the roof.


If the cement is too damaged and crumbling then the pointing will not stick to it, so it must be replaced. Ridge caps are then lifted up and all old cement removed and new cement is laid down as foundation for the ridge cap. After the cement has tried the pointing then goes over the top to hold the cement nice and tight to the ridge cap and roof, preventing the cement from cracking over time with the movement of the roof.

Replacing tiles

To fix your leaking roof, you may need to find a tile that is cracked and leaking and then replacing it. Tiles may look the same but there are many different types and makes of cement and terracotta tiles. A new replacement tile must be the exact same one, not in colour, but in type and make of the tile. Different tiles will not sit correctly with other tiles and will nearly always leak if incorrect tile is used.

Tiles fitted incorrectly will also cause leaking.

Caution: Silicon is popular to use in fixing broken tiles when it comes to the DIY fix up. This is a temporary fix, the silicon deteriorates rapidly, leaving you with an again leaking roof

Gutters Cleaned

Cleaning of your gutters and roof valleys is a can be one way to fix your leaking roof. Also with leaves being an excellent fuel for fires it’s just good maintenance for your house to keep your gutters clean, not having fuel just sitting all around your house with risk of fires during the summer times.

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Repairs that last

In conclusion, Bray’s Roofing in Maitland is dedicated to delivering lasting solution to fix your leaking roof. Our meticulous approach, encompassing repointing, rebedding, and tile replacement, ensures durability against the challenges of roof movement. Additionally, our commitment to gutter maintenance further safeguards your home. Trust in our expertise and dedication to excellence, and experience repairs that stand the test of time. Contact us for a roofing solution you can rely on.

At Bray’s Roofing, our emphasis on quality extends beyond mere repairs. With a focus on using products like ‘FlexiPoint’ and ‘Selleys Point Works’ for repointing, we ensure a resilient bond that withstands roof movement. Our meticulous rebedding process replaces damaged cement, preventing future issues. The careful selection of matching tiles and thorough gutter cleaning completes our comprehensive approach. Choose Bray’s Roofing in Maitland for enduring solutions that not only fix leaks but also fortify your roof against potential challenges.

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