You could have a leaking roof and not even realise it

Most roofs will have insulation under the tiles known by Roof Tilers as sarking. This is to help with heating and cooling of the roof but it can also hide the effect of a leaking roof. Water will leak onto the sarking and flow down into the gutter. This may seem convenient but it prevents you from knowing about the leak. The sarking is not specifically designed to hold out water and after a while the water wears away at the sarking and creates a hole. Then all the water that was flowing on the sarking to the gutter now pours straight through the hole.

So whereas without sarking you would of had a small leak or stain in your ceiling, now you have a concentrated flow of water going into one spot of your ceiling causing it to flood that area. This sometimes can make it difficult to locate the leak since it is most likely leaking from a different location and flowing down the sarking and through the hole.

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